Why be Generic?

In today's market you need to reinforce your brand every chance you can. An embossed logo is an excellent opportunity to highlight your products. Gone are the days that embossing is only for major brands and high volume productions; today's innovative technology and equipment have improved the process of embossing metal to be more efficient, effective and economical.

Embossing is a metal forming process for producing raised designs onto sheet metal. Two dies (positive and negative) that perfectly mirror each other are pressed together, which stretches the metal to create a raised impression. This raised surface allows for very distinctive visible shapes or words, which adds texture and a personalized three dimensional effect to your product. The embossed surface is permanent and extremely durable as opposed to the flat, smooth surface created from silk screening; you cannot remove or easily cover up an embossed logo unlike decals or silk screens.

As opposed to alternative processes, it is also possible to put a finish such as powder coat over embossment without losing the effect or covering the embossed area; it can actually intensify the shape or lettering.

Washington Metal Fabricators has the embossing capabilities to help you enhance your company's brand. We can emboss your company logo or name on each and every product we manufacture. Our in house machining capabilities allow us to produce embossing die sets as well as adjust the sizing of the embossment to meet our customer's needs. We are able to make dies out of various materials to account for small to large quantities. Dies made from 6061 aluminum are a cost effective option for low volume runs; D2 Tool Steel is a more durable option for high volume production runs.

You don't have to settle for a generic look; having an embossed logo gives a positive impression of a well-established company and product. Current technology makes embossing more economical than you would think, beating the prices of decals or custom emblems; especially as we are able to complete the entire process in our facility.

To get more information on how you can emboss your products, contact us at sales@washmetfab.com or 636-583-1600.