Considering Laser Tube Cutting?

Whether you are at a restaurant, working out at the gym, or using industrial equipment you are taking advantage of metal tubing parts. Laser tube cutting is a highly productive and flexible method of tube processing. Lasers have opened up a world of new design possibilities; making it easier to create a range of parts using the latest in laser tube cutting technology. The unmatched quality of tube laser cutting provides edges that eliminates rework and reduces process steps, all in just one single operation.

Laser tube cutting machines can cut long pieces of tube and cut holes into sections of tube with incredible precision. The new technology in the Trumpf 7000 Tube Laser provides advanced laser tube cutting capabilities on a wide range of shapes including round, oval, rectangle, square, angle channels, I-beams, etc. The precise cuts allow for pieces to be able to lock together in place, allowing for accurate positioning which eliminates the need for weld fixtures and making robotic welding easier. It can also handle additional processes resulting in minimizing downstream tasks such as de-burring, welding and assembly operations.

Before: 16 parts, 41 operations, 10 minutes to weld. After: 6 parts, 10 operations, 2 minutes to weld.

Manufacturers who don't own their own laser tube cutting equipment can benefit from this leading edge industrial laser tube cutting technology by outsourcing their work for faster production of frames, racks, supports, or any other item made from cut tubes.

Washington Metal Fabricators continually invests in the latest manufacturing technology and equipment for our customers; our most recent being the addition of our Trumpf 7000 Tube Laser. Countless industries that we serve rely on our laser tube cutting services to handle large diameters and wall thicknesses while maintaining productivity. We are also capable of working with a wide variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. The Trumpf 7000 Tube Laser is the ideal machine for laser tube processing because this flexible, high-end machine can cover a broad range of parts and open up new areas of application for laser tube cutting.


  • Round tubing: 3/4" - 8" diameter
  • Square tubing: 3/4" - 5 1/2" diameter
  • Cut up to 3/8" wall thickness
  • Laser cut angle iron, "C" channel and other structural shapes
  • Automatic loading system accepts tubes up to 30 ft. long
  • Automatically unload cut tubes up to 21 ft.
  • Can handle short runs to mass-produced components


  • Quick set up and high speed, precise operations
  • Helps eliminate secondary operations
  • Eliminates the cost and lead time setbacks associated with hard tooling
  • Enables new, innovative design possibilities
  • Shorten lead times
  • Tubes can easily be formed and slotted together, eliminating need for other operations
  • Helps eliminate weld fixture
  • Creates visually appealing, top quality products

Being equipped with Trumpf's state-of-the-art sensor system ensures the entire machining process runs smoothly, providing nothing short of quality products. The tube laser offers improved designs, cost savings to benefit our customers, and is thirty percent faster than our old laser, making it more cost effective and reliable than other methods. Washington Metal Fabricators have the capacity, experience, and knowledge to handle your largest production demands.

Check out our video on our Trumpf 7000 Tube Laser. To see it live in action, contact your dedicated Sales Representative or email us at sales@washmetfab.com.